The desire to regulate and systemise everything around is a part of human nature. The society has been elaborating and improving behaviour standards and rules and forming the system of laws for millennia of its development. We respect the supremacy of law, always act within the LAW, and find optimum solutions in any situation.

Range of Services

Pre-court dispute resolution
  • Representation of the client’s interest at negotiations;
  • Arrangement and support of amicable agreements and settlement agreements.
Representation of rights and legal interests in courts
  • Drafting of memoranda, opinions on the client’s legal stance;
  • Drafting of procedural documents;
  • Defence of the client’s rights and legal interests in courts.
Support of enforcement proceedings
  • Representation of the client’s interests in the state enforcement authorities.


Compliance with the established provisions ensures well-ordered course of life. However, as time goes by, change of the circumstances results in review of the established RULES. Our principal task is to assist in the situation which has arisen, to advice how to settle it, and resume the legitimate course of nature.


Range of Services

  • Qualified assistance in practical application of tax, customs, currency and other special laws.
Tax Planning
  • Analysis of tax consequences and risks of individual transactions and economic activity of the client in general;
  • Development of individual models for tax burden optimisation.
Settlement of Tax Disputes
  • Drafting of memoranda, opinions on the client’s legal stance;
  • Drafting of procedural documents;
  • Defence of the client’s rights and legal interests in courts.
Settlement of Disputes with Government Authorities
  • Settlement of disputes with licensing, registration, law enforcement, controlling, and other government authorities of Ukraine.


Even a typical standard situation may be settled different ways. The legal PRACTICE of more than a decade enables us to find an individual approach to settlement of any legal issues, and the experience gained gives an opportunity to choose the most efficient ways to overcome the problem.

Range of Services

Corporate Law
  • Registration, reorganisation and liquidation of legal entities, establishment of branches and representative offices;
  • Development of optimum corporate management schemes;
  • Defence of shareholders’ rights, legal support of securities transaction;
  • Settlement of corporate conflicts, defence against hostile takeover (raiding);
  • Defence of debtors’ and creditors’ interests in issues of corporate recovery or bankruptcy.
M&A (Merger and Acquisition)
  • Legal due diligence of the company in order to reduce risks in the future business acquisition agreement or transaction, purchase of financial instruments (securities), financing, participating in the joint venture, etc.;
  • Drafting, structuring, and support of M&A agreements;
  • Development of optimum company merger and acquisition algorithms and schemes;
  • Support for the state enterprise privatisation procedure.


As experience confirms, an expected result sometimes seems to be unreachable only because of the wrong way of its achievement. The ability to assess the situation comprehensively, analyse all possible scenarios, possible consequences and use the most efficient METHOD to achieve the purpose is the highest competence.

Range of Services

Competition Law
  • Obtaining of merger, concerted practice clearances, and support of the client’s interests in the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • Counselling on issues of unfair competition and abuse of monopoly;
  • Representation of the client’s interests in investigations into violations of the competition law;
  • Counselling on issues of public procurements and participation of tenders, administrative appeals from results of public tenders.
Financial Law
  • Counselling on compliance with the currency law;
  • Legal support of fund raising, including from international financial institutions;
  • Representation of client’s interests in lending and deposit relations, including support of agreements of syndicated lending;
  • Securitisation of assets, including via securities issue and receipt of bank loans;
  • Support of factoring, forfeiting transactions, and bank guarantees.


If being defines human consciousness, then the latter forms behaviour patterns. Our professional achievements are based not only on experience and skills, but also strict adherence to the selected WAY strategy. Confidence in the desired result gives us power and determination, and on-going thrive for perfection is a recipe for success.

Range of Services

Legislative work
  • Problems Analysis of the public relations in the relevant fields
  • Projects drafting of regulations, reasoning
    and necessary  supporting documents
  • Legal examination of normative legal acts
  • Preparation of analytical information and study of international experience in questions that will be regulated by projects of the legal acts
  • Preparation of the professional conclusions  about the possible influence of regulations on public relations
  • Preparation of the conclusions about  the conformity of regulations with EU requirments
  • Assessment of the normative legal acts in compliance with anti-corruption legislation`s requirments
  • Support in  the adoption (approval) in  normative legal acts projects(participation in relevant events, meetings, public hearings, etc.)
Comprehensive Support of Investment Projects
  • Legal, agreement, pre-action, and judicial (court) support;
  • Organisational support of implementation of the investment project (organisational counselling, development of the efficient structure for implementation of the investment project);
  • Increase in the financial efficiency (efforts for minimisation of expenditures for implementation of the investment project).
Authorisation and Engineering Support
  • Support of relations with government, controlling and other authorities with administrative functions;
  • Obtaining and approval of the documents of title and authorisations;
  • Support in the course of inspections conducted by controlling authorities.
Informational Support
  • Generation of the positive public opinion;
  • PR support;
  • GR counselling.
Conflict Management
  • Support of negotiations with representatives of communities and local self-government bodies, non-government organisations and political parties, opinion leaders, development and implementation of conflict settlement and negative consequence mitigation.
Support of projects in agribusiness
  • support for the purchase and sale of agribusiness
  • analysis of the financial state of business
  • audit of land banking
  • search for the necessary amount of land
  • consulting