Electronic signature

How often did you face a problem of signing vast quantity of documents? Usually, you have to print the signature page, sign the deed, scan that and send it back to the lawyer who attached it to the final form of the document. As a result, that’s generally waste your time, isn’t it?  Imagine that life could be by long chalks easier. For instance, using e-sign services it’s a fast, secure way to send, sign and approve documents anytime from anywhere whether in the office or on the go. People have several different ways to indicate their electronic signatures, including typing the signer’s name into the signature area, pasting in a scanned version of the signer’s signature, clicking an ‘I accept’ button”. Documents can be signed instantly online and often on any device available. An advantage of using these services also consists in safeties and secure of your documents.  It’s also pleased that e-signature is already valid, legally binding and enforceable in courts of law around the world according to the international standards.

All deeds committed on the basis of the appropriate offer. An offer supposed to include sufficient terms provided by a special legal system and express intention of an originator. Except for sufficient terms, it also must include a procedure for concluding an agreement, creation an e-signature, a possibility of amending the terms of the contract, the way of acceptation, the reference to conditions that include in a contract etc. The document gets a legal force from a moment of acceptance and reaching an agreement whether they agree verbally, electronically or in a physical paper document.

It is so important to take into consideration based on which law system you will accept the contract. Because divergences of the contract or any of its law requirement terms can lead acceptance of the contract as invalid. If it’s possible we recommend making a handwriting sign in original documents for all contracts on a long-term or for those contracts in which the amount takes a significant value for the company.

If the deed is accepted according to the law system of Ukraine then an e-signature can be appropriate in a case of commercial agreements between corporate entities, procurement documents, sales agreements and consumer agreements, including new retail account opening documents.

But there are some typical cases that are not appropriate for electronic signatures such as agreements on sale and purchase of real estate objects; agreements on lease of buildings for three and more year term; certain contracts in family law, such as marriage contracts and alimony agreements; certificate of inheritance; a document that according to the applicable law can be executed only in one single original.

Anyway, you need to be more attentive and in all cases of committing a contract firstly you supposed to consult with a lawyer. In order to exclude some confusions with governmental institutions.


According to the USA law system there are some documents which supposed to have formal notarial process and have handwritten (e.g. wet ink) signatures such as wills, codicils, and testamentary trusts; adoption, divorce agreements; court orders or notices, or official court documents; contracts or Documents governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”); notices of default, acceleration, repossession, foreclosure, or eviction regarding primary residence; termination of health or life insurance benefits; health or safety recall or material failure notices of a product; documentation for transportation or handling of hazardous or toxic materials.

In all other cases you need to rely on state local requirements for excluding any controversies. You also can use the most popular platforms such as DocuSign, HelloSign, Signix, Eversign, RightSignature, Sertifi etc.


If the deed is regulated by English Law then you can use a special services for an e-sign in cases of  employment contracts, benefits paperwork and other new employee onboarding processes; commercial agreements between corporate entities, including NDAs, procurement documents, sales agreements; consumer agreements, including new retail account opening documents; certain real estate documents, including real estate sale and purchase contracts, leases under 3 years and any other property documents usually signed under hand (e.g. not as a deed) and where such documents are not to be lodged at the Land Registry, or registrable; certain securitization documents, such as a guarantee.

There are also cases that could be just with a handwritten signature such as various lease documents, including leases of 3+ years, deed of variation of lease, lease surrenders, and deeds ancillary to leases; real property documents submitted for registration with Land Registry and Land Charges Registry; documents for HM Revenue and Customs, where stamp duty is payable; company accounts that used to  be registered with Companies House outside its web-filing service; various family law documents.

You also can use popular services like DocuSign, HelloSign, Signix, Eversign, RightSignature, Sertifi etc.


If the deed is controlled by law system of Asia e-sign can be used in cases such as regular employment contracts, NDAs, privacy notices, employee invention agreements benefits paperwork and other new employee onboarding processes; commercial agreements between corporate entities; consumer agreements.

Just handwriting and notarization documents are  commercial and residential leases; certain family law documents, including those pertaining to marriage, adoption, and succession; pledges and mortgages; corporate documents that must be registered; intellectual property registrations; real property transfer contracts.

The best option of services for you will be DocuSign, HelloSign, Signix.


If the deed is accepted according to the law system of EU legal system parties could also use electronic signature platform in cases of regular employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, privacy notices, benefits paperwork and other new employee onboarding processes; commercial agreements between corporate entities, purchase orders, order acknowledgements, invoices, other procurement documents, sales agreements, distribution agreements, service agreements, consumer agreements; residential and commercial lease agreements; service agreements; copyright, trademark and patent licenses, intangible property transfers.

In cases of written form or official certification, judicial and notarial authentication you couldn’t use electronic signatures.

Mostly of popular programs will work for you.


And the major question is “How it works?”.

A person who offer a transaction just need to upload a document, declare signers and recipients, prepare the document for signature and deliver it to all parties. When each signer receives a secure signing link it takes them to the document. They sign it using their PC, tablet or phone and send it back. In a way it stored securely in both eversign accounts. Thus both parties save their time and increase efficiency.

Both sides also could manage all their contracts from one central location through  cloud-based.